DSC_0219DSC_0224Oh February, if truth be told, you were a bit of a disappointment! Still, chicken pox is now ticked off the to-do list. We could have done without the two visits to hospital in the two weeks prior to the pestilence descending (the boy gets a bit wheezy from time to time) but all is back to normal now, and thanks to my amazing mum who hot footed it 200 miles down the country on a Sunday I got to also go to work and keep my precious remaining holidays…  Released from quarantine a little over a week ago but not wanting to frighten any neurotic parents at the park we headed to the Gorge and the Ashton Meadows to stretch our legs, fill our lungs and soak in the glorious sunshine – a hint that Spring is just around the corner.

March is already shaping up to be a vast improvement on last month. Of course, the fantastic weather of late has helped. We’ve also been making use of our babysitter and other offers of help and have been getting out and about in the evenings – a birthday party last Saturday, dinner at the neighbour’s tomorrow, dinner just the two of us next week. Hoping to finally check out this local restaurant (we failed miserably in December for my birthday due to yet more illness). And then we’re off to Norfolk at the end of the month. First time in that part of the country and first UK-based family holiday just the three of us – eek! We can’t wait to just switch off, relax and explore the broads and coastline. There will definitely be fish and chips and I might even try some crab. So it’s just fingers crossed for a couple of quiet, illness-free weeks until then.


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